Softdate Date & Time Simulation Software

Softdate is the only and unique Time-Travel DTS (Date and Time Simulation) testing and production solution available across all major, enterprise computing platforms.

Date and Time Testing for IBM z/OS and Enterprise Systems

The most powerful, flexible and unique Time-Travel tool available for IBM mainframes, iSeries, Linux, Unix and Windows.

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Softdate is the premier time travel simulation product for IBM z/OS, providing date and time simulation testing now, into the future and into the past; applications can be easily tested automatically without manual system clock changes.

The Softdate DTS Protection Suite

The Softdate Suite of Time Travel Software is available for IBM mainframe z/OS, all variations of Linux/Unix, and all variations of Microsoft Windows (Windows 2003 and later).

Softdate allows you to quickly and easily test your target applications with any simulated past or future date and time, while leaving other work on the same systems totally unaffected. Individual users or groups of users can be concurrently running with any number of different “virtual system clocks”.

And with the exclusive Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization (SETS) feature you can automatically synchronize virtual clock settings across any combination of platforms running Softdate, facilitating seamless time travel testing of your multi-platform apps. Softdate supports every combination of time travel beyond 2038 with Linux/Unix/Windows and beyond 2042 with IBM z/OS.

Global Time Zone Virtualization

The Softdate Option GTZV (Global Time Zone Virtualization) provides consolidation on multiple z/OS global time zone LPARS to realise major savings in reduced hardware and software charges. The question to you is "Do you have any LPARs which exist purely to provide correct local time to users in other time zones?"


The Softdate Option Beyond-2042 is the unique and only solution available for Time-Travel testing beyond 2042 for life insurances, superannuations, retirements, disabilities, long-term loans and other products.

Correct end of policies and accumulations can now be tested way beyond the current z/OS 2042 limit.

Softdate Enterprise Time Simulation

The Softdate Option SETS (Softdate Enterprise Time Simulation) is the unique and only solution available for Time-Travel on the major enterprise platforms of iSeries, Linux, Unix, Windows and z/OS.

From individual Windows workstations developers and testers can comprehensivley date and time test applications by Enterprise-Time-Travel (ETT) across the combined systems of an organisation or project partners; testing QA automation at its best.

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